Destination Japan

With our trips through Japan we will feel the contrasting forces of opposite worlds: from the one side the tradition keeps still being alive and shows off its force and beauty, form the other side the modernity and technological innovations claim for attention and eventually catch the interest of viewers. The surprising thing is that these two worlds perfectly fit with each other in a country of fascinations and mystery.

In the metropolis visitors get impressed by the huge skyscrapers, the multitude of shops lighted up by neon lights, the world's most developed subway system, the young and popular culture and the modern capsule hotels. Japan is the home town of Sailermoon, Naruto and Hello Kitty.

In Tokyo the Cosplay means not only a single restricted exhibition but rather a life-style, which is demonstrated deliberately on the streets; Anime and Manga are part of the ordinary life just like fish and rice. There are huge game centers, open 24 hours a day, karaoke centers and electronic districts that are easily visible thanks to the multitude of neon lights. Students in school dress, workers in uniform and posh teen agers are to be found in places like Harajuku, Akihabara and Shibuya. In Japan the shopping is mostly concentrated in big shopping centers, on which top is possible to find also panoramic wheels: this is no wonder in Japan!

We can also experience the Japanese tradition during our trips for young people. Japan hosts and holds untouched one of the oldest culture of the world. In Kyoto, one of the oldest imperial cities, you can feel still today the glory of ancient times and the legends that were born there seem endless. Temples, shrines, palaces and golden pavilions are there to surprise us! In the district of Gion we will meet Geishas and the Makos, still dressed in particular kimono. In Tokyo and Osaka we can meet the sumo fighters directly on the streets while they go to their training sessions. We will walk on the path following the track of shoguns and we will also see the world's cultural heritage of Nikko, the Buddhist temples and the giant Buddha statues in Nara and Kamakura. On the holy island of Miyajima there are tamed deer that walk on Shinto paths, where the ancient gods are still adored.

A bit of relax?

The gardens of temples, palaces and old fortresses are there for us to get a bit of relax. After a warm bath in Onsen we will take a rest in a traditional hotel while drinking a cup of hot green tea in a room with floor made of tatami, before lying on our comfortable futon bed.

What can we eat?

Japan is unbeatable for what concerns the culinary offers. Okonomiyaki, Shabu-shabu, Ramen, Mochi and many more! Except from sushi, there are other dishes to be tasted! What do you think about a glass of Sake (wine rice) or of Umeshu (prune wine) after dinner?

Live the Japanese nature

We will experience not only the city life, but also the untouched nature of Japan. There are many natural beauties, unusual for western visitors. The cherry trees' blooming during the spring, the shades of the leaves in Kyoto in autumn, the holy mount-Fuji in the national park of Hakone, the bamboo forests in Arashimyana, nearby Kyoto, the active volcanoes and a breathtaking river rafting on wooden boats are waiting for us!

Regardless of the type of trip you choose, a city trip, a study holiday or a tour in Japan, we offer you an unforgettable experience; just take your time to catch this chance!