An innovative accommodation: a capsule hotel

To sleep inside a capsule, a unique experience!

Would you like to experience even more uniqueness? So come with us in a capsule hotel, which together with the Ryokans are the most original accommodation in Tokyo.

The capsule hotels can accommodate up to 700 people! How is that possible? It is all about optimizing the available space and then to welcome the clients inside some plastic cabins of two meters length and one and a half meters height, rather than in real rooms.

Indeed, the capsule hotels have at the clients' disposal hundreds of superimposed bed-cabins. They contain all the necessary facilities, meaning a TV, a radio, an alarm clock and the air conditioning.

The first capsule hotels were built in 1979 in Osaka, nearby Tokyo. At the beginning the women were not allowed to enter the capsules that remain reserved only for men until not so many years ago. The main clients are business men who work till late at night and don't get the time to return home, or who lost the train and want to rest a bit while waiting or even because they had too much to drink at dinner! The price of the capsule hotels is very low and they are certainly handier than the normal hotels.

If you suffer from claustrophobia, don't worry, the capsules offer enough space inside for sitting and are usually closed only with a curtain. You won't feel that alone hearing your neighbors snoring! They are a very unique type of hotels and they're having now a lot of success in Japan.

The hotels are generally provided with a bathroom to use in common and with a small restaurant for those clients that stay at the most one night inside their capsules.

If you don't really fancy the promiscuity and innovation, then you don't have to matter, there's the possibility for you to spend a night in a more traditional accommodation