Comiket – the Manga Comic fair

Are you fond of mangas and animes? Have a look at the Comic Market: this is the world's biggest comic book convention!

The Comic Market, also known as Comiket, takes place at Tokyo Big Sight, the International Exhibition Center in Tokyo. It happens twice a year: in August, it is called the Summer Comike, and in December, the Winter Comike.

Museum of Manga Comiket Pictures

Throughout three days at the Comiket, you will be able to discover many new animes - Japanese animations like Spirited Away, Dragon Ball Z, Yu-Gi-Oh, Sakura… - read recent mangas like Claymor or Bleach, and meet mangakas, those who write the mangas you read. They are professionals but mainly amateurs and take benefit of the Comiket to show their comic books and sell them. Some of the products they sell can be very expensive, as they are rare - like the doujinshi for example, which are not published by editors but by the mangakas themselves. They can only be found on big conventions like the Comic Market or they get auctioned. This is the right chance to get a unique copy of them!

Hundreds of thousands of fans, like you, visit the fair every year and enjoy its atmosphere, its animes and mangas. But besides, you will also be able to attend cosplayers' role-playing games, which are really famous in Japan.

The Comiket exists since 1975 and was created by three students who were fascinated by mangas and animes. It is now organized by the Comic Market Preparatory Committee. The visit of this great event is an inclusive part of the whole journey; however if you are not interested, you have the possibility to visit Tokyo National Museum instead.