Other BCT travels to japan (suitable for all ages)

You don't have the chance to take part to the above mentioned trips?
So, just have a look at the other BCT trips to Japan!
Our trips of 13, 18 and 24 days will lead you to a complete journey discovering Japan.
With about 20 trip possibilities per year we are sure that you will be able to find a chance that suits your interests and your time off!

13 days- trip "following the track of the shoguns"

While in the ancient temples, shrines and castles the time of the shoguns seems to come back into reality with renewed force and charm, in the big metropolis the young life and the modernity pulses and spreads out its energy catching the attention of visitors. Panoramic wheels placed on top of huge supermarkets, kimono fashion shows, breathtaking skyscrapers, a giant Buddha statue located in the world's biggest wooden building, a trip on the high-speed train Shinkasen and much more is awaiting you in Japan! We will start our trip in Kyoto, visiting the temples and palaces which are right inside the imperial residence. We will walk in the bamboo forest of Arashiyama, in Kyoto. In the nearby Nara, the previous main city of Japan, we will admire the world's biggest bronze Buddha statue. We will take a look at the Himeji castle and then we won't miss the big city of Osaka, the third biggest city of Japan, in which there are many shops. After Osaka we will visit Kobe, a marine city with a large harbor; it was destroyed in 1995 by a strong earthquake and successively completely reconstructed. The next stop will be Nagoya, where we will be able to visit a wonderful castle. Not so far away from there the wonderful city of Gifu opens its doors to the visitors, which always remain speechless after having seen the big mountain located right in the center of the city: it is really a natural paradise. After spending a night in an unusual hostel we will move to Tokyo by taking the high-speed train, the Shinkasen. Here we will notice at our big surprise untouched temples and gardens, located right among high skyscrapers and huge supermarkets.

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18 days- trip "In the land of the rising sun"

There is still so much to see! Why not to continue the travel of 13 days and just stay a bit longer? The holy mount-Fuji, amazing shogun residences and the world cultural heritage of Nikko are placed in wonderful, mystic natural sites, right near the metropolis of Tokyo. The palace of the emperor opens its doors for us, but this is really an exception! We will experience the youthful life of Tokyo in the electronic district of Akihabara and then we will visit the Tokyo Anime Center, a dream for the fans of the Japanese comic books. We will have a walk in the city park of Ueno, quite famous for its cherry trees' blooming during the spring, its temples and museums that characterize this big green site. We will get the chance to attend a Sumo training session and then we will take a boat directed to the artistic island of Odaiba. Afterward we will show you the surrounding areas of Tokyo and have a last glance at this wonderful city before coming back home!

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24-days trip "intensive Japan"

For all who would like to experience Japan in depth this trip is made for you! We will start our tour from the very south part of Japan, from the subtropical island of Kyushu, and then we will travel slowly through different exciting cities like Kyoto, directed to Tokyo. We will visit interesting and fascinating temples, shrines and gardens; we will experience the youthfulness of the metropolis and have a glance at the active volcanoes of Japan. From Kyushu and the modern city of Fukuoka the trip will lead us to Nagasaki, the old Japan's gate, in the south. Kyushu is the island of volcanoes and we will take a look at the Aso- volcanoes. Beside the castle of the Kumamoto city the Samurai fought their last battle. Taking the express train Shinkasen we will reach Hiroshima by going through the major island of Honshu: here we will get the chance to see amazing landscapes while travelling. Before the well known Hiroshima we will take a bit of time to see the holy island of Miyajima and its famous red gates. Afterward we will move to the west part of Japan, where modern cities like Osaba and Kobe build a multitude of shops where one can buy anything that comes up in their minds. We will see the Himeji castle, which is known as the most beautiful one in Japan. In the city of the emperors the old traditions are still completely alive and come immediately into evidence their endless force and charm. We will meet Geishas, visit temples and palaces and walk in the bamboo forests of Arashiyama. Nara was the previous main city of Japan and hosts the world's biggest bronze Buddha statue. Gifu impresses for the small mountain located in its center, which is a real natural paradise; Nagoya, the fourth biggest city of Japan, is also well known for its castle. After an overnight in a traditional Hostel we will move to Tokyo by taking again the Shinkasen. Turning up among futuristic skyscrapers and neon lights are many gardens and temples, which incredibly fit with the contrasting, surrounding buildings. In the surrounding areas of Tokyo we will visit the world cultural heritage of Nikko and the old residence of the shoguns in Kamakura. Last, but not least, we will take a closer look at the holy mount- Fuji: we couldn't miss it!

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